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Make Way For The Next Generation of Toolmakers.

For British plastic injection moulding toolmakers their numbers appear to be dwindling leaving a large gap for youngsters to join the trade, however at Great Central Plastics there’s a new kid on the block!

Great Central Plastics would like to congratulate employee Thomas Hewitt 21, on the successful completion of his Level Three Advanced Performing Engineering Operations qualification.  After coming to Great Central Plastics as an apprentice from Northampton College in October 2014, Tom is now excelling in his new role as Trainee Toolmaker.

During Tom’s time at Great Central Plastics he has been under the wing of Technical Director Darryl Brown who is pleased to have an extra pair of hands in the workshop! “I am very pleased to have been part of Tom’s toolmaking apprenticeship and to have helped with his progress, it has changed a bit in nearly 40 years since I did mine but the basics are and will always remain the same, “How to adjust a piece of metal”. Being interested and keen to learn what seems to be a fading skill is rare, but with the new technology and it nearly all being computer related it has become very much more interesting and appealing to the young. Tom has shown and proved his interest many times and offered many ideas and computer knowledge along the way. Tom will now go on to learn and develop more skills that are unique to our business and support GCP for many years to come and I am very fortunate to have him in a very busy department”

Newly qualified Tom will now add a fresh dynamic to the tool room, enhancing Great Central Plastic’s already fantastic and flexible bespoke injection moulding service. Congratulations Tom and Good Luck in your toolmaking future!