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thecollection Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web Forever the innovators in promotional plastic BESPOKE PHONE STAND The bespoke phone stand is a practical and useful product designed to give your customers an in your face product. As a desk product it will be constantly in view therefore perfect to promote your brand and increase brand awareness. It can be made in virtually any shape making it relevant for many different end users. The phone stand is designed to hold phones both horizontally and vertically which means it can also be used whilst your phone is charging. This product is also NOT exclusively for phonesits equally effective as a card holder or recipe stand. This lightweight flat product is also perfect for mailers covermounts and on-pack promotion. SPAGHETTI TOOL This unique multi-purpose 3-in-1 tool not only gives you perfect portion control ensuring spaghetti wastage is a thing of the past but each end has been designed to have its own function. One end is designed as a jar scraper ensuring ever drop of sauce is used and the other end is a spaghetti fork allowing you to lift the pasta out of the boiling water. The versatile design offers ample branding space and can be printed from a single colour to full colour. PINT AND BOTTLE GLASS HOLDER This innovative product is uniquely designed not only to carry four bottles but also allows four pint glasses to be carried at the same time. Its slim design means it is easy to transport but also easy to carry even when fully loaded with glasses and bottles. The central branding area can be either printed or relief moulded with any company logo or promotional message. It is the Ideal product for festivals sporting events and University promotions. ICE CUBE TRAY If you are after a fantastic product for a bar or drinks promotion then look no further. Our all new Ice Cube Tray allows us to create bespoke ice cubes without the high tool costs usually associated with this product. Clever tooling allows us to create relief or embossed logos or shapes within a 30mm diameter at the bottom of each ice cube. The product can be moulded in any solid or transparent colour is light weight and stackable allowing for easy storage All of these fantastic new products can be moulded in a range of transparent and solid colours and can be pantone matched to ensure branding guidelines or themes are never an issue. Due to our bespoke capabilities custom shapes are also possible and you dont need to be put off by the cost as we offer affordable competitive tooling prices. So you can make your products stand out with unique and interesting shapes and vibrant colours without breaking the bank. 4 promotional flyer collection 6 staff identity collection 8 bar promotion collection 10 clear productcollection 12 automotive collection 14 office collection 16 bag tag collection 18 supporters collection 20 name plate collection 22 activity time collection 24 household collection 26 box collection 28 fun and games collection 30 keyfob badge magnet collection 32 the custom industrial collection 34 lunch box and sports bottle 34 standard fittings manufactured in the United Kingdom For nearly two decades Great Central Plastics has firmly established itself as the UKs leading manufacturer of custom moulded promotional gifts. While many other UK based companies have turned to sourcing and becoming distributors of overseas manufacturers we have invested heavily to ensure we have a strong fully equipped manufacturing facility here in the UK. Our tool room not only utilises the latest tooling machine centers it is also complimented by state-of-the-art CADCAM facilities and skilled toolmakers. With a combined experience of over 100 years of design and manufacture we can produce quality tools in house very rapidly. Our mould shop has a range of moulding machines stretching from 22 tonne to as big as 160 tonne to cater for a variety of sizes. All our machines are fitted with the necessary attachments to ensure fully automatic production 24 hours a day 7 days a week if necessary. This enables us to produce both small and high volume runs quickly efficiently and at a very competitive price. Our whole ethos is one of customer service and value for money. You can rest assured if youre looking for moulded promotional products you will not find another UK manufacturer as passionate about making your promotion work as you are. Please feel free to browse our brochure or select the page number you want to see from the list below to go directly to that page. contents All items illustrated are reproduced as examples of the type of products we are able to supply and cannot in any way be deemed an abuse of any trademark or copyright. They do not imply that the company has supplied the product to the owner of the name or trademark. 2016 Great Central Plastics Limited. E.O.E. Great Central Plastics Limited 13 Great Central Way Woodford Halse Daventry Northamptonshire NN11 3PZ England. Tel 44 01327 264277 Fax 44 01327 264294 Email As passionate about making your promotion work as you are Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the promotional flyer collection Many standard shape flyers available. Single to full colour branding available Everything can be made from recycled plastic. What better way to get your promotion off to a flying start We not only make the traditional round frisbee but we also manufacture many more unusual flyers too. All designs can be customised to suit your companys needs including your choice of colour and your logo. We make some of the best frisbees at the best prices and offer unparalelled customisation and branding. 4 200mm 90mm 115mm print area 65mm diameter 215mm print area 180mm diameter 220mm print area 110mm diameter 160mm print area 105mm x 55mm 180mm print area 30mm dia 120mm print area 60mm diameter 210mm print area 70mm diameter 160mm print area 40mm diameter 110mm print area 30mm dia BM0001 MF0001 MF0002 MF0003 LF0001 LF0002 LF0003 SF0001 SF0003SF0002 BM0001 200 x 90mm Boomerang MF0001 115mm Small Flyer print area 65mm MF0002 120mm Small Orbiter print area 60mm MF0003 110mm Small Skysurfer print area 30mm LF0001 220mm Large Flyer print area 110mm LF0002 215mm Large Flyer print area 180mm LF0003 210mm Large Skysurfer print area 70mm SF0001 160mm Spider Flyer print area 40mm SF0002 180mm Star Flyer print area 30mm SF0003 160mm Football Flyer print area 105mm x 55mm back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the staff identity collection Many standard shapes available. Custom shapes and many fastener choices. So you want your staff to stand out from the crowd You want people to be able to put a name to the face. Staff identity badges is a good start Whatever the shape whatever the need whether permanent or reusable we can design any fully customised badges youd like. Whats more there is usually no tooling or origination cost incurred insuring you only pay for your badges. Being the best in the business we can easily and quickly create plastic moulds for any design shape or size. 6 ID0001 ID0002 ID0003 ID0004 70mm 65mm 35mm 15mm 75mm 70mm 45mm 15mm ID0008 78mm 65mm 34mm 17mm 70mm 68mm 50mm 19mm ID0005 ID0007P 50mm diameter ID0007R 12mm 50mm diameter ID0006 70mm 68mm 40mm 20mm 70mm 68mm 35mm 15mm 70mm 68mm 35mm 15mm ID0001 70 x 35mm badge size Small Window Badge name area 65 x 15mm ID0002 75 x 45mm badge size Medium Window Badge central window name area 70 x 15mm ID0003 70 x 50mm badge size Large Window Badge name area 68 x 19mm ID0004 70 x 35mm badge size Push in Panel Window Badge name area 68 x 15mm ID0005 70 x 35mm badge size Pocket Clip Window Badge name area 68 x 15mm ID0006 70 x 40mm badge size Tape Recess Dymo name area 68 x 20mm ID0007P 50mm diameter badge size Circular Badge ID0007R 50mm diameter badge size Circular Tape Recess Dymo name area 12mm ID0008 78 x 34mm badge size Window Badge with integral pin name area 65 x 17mm back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the bar promotion collection Standard 25ml or 50ml or custom shot glasses. Standard or custom bomber glasses. Custom swizzle sticks get your product noticed. 30mm 160mm print area 30mm diameter 140mm custom area 35mm x 35mm 175mm 35mm print area 6mm x 55mm 45mm 45mm 35mm 38mm 40mm 29mm Make a stir open a bottle or simply promote your brand. Whatever your are looking for in the hectic world of drinks promotion let Great Central Plastics create a product that will get your name noticed. We can make redemption tokens point of sale plaques or really individual bottle stoppers as well as our standard and custom 25ml50ml shot glasses and custom bomber glasses. Give us a try and see how we can get your logo and brand rememebered. As well as 25ml and 50ml shot glasses we also make 25ml and 50ml shot glass serving paddles 8 SS0001 Standard Swizzle Sticks 30 x 160mm Standard Swizzle Stick print area 30mm diameter Custom Swizzle Sticks 35 x 140mm Custom Swizzle Stick custom shape area 35 x 35mm LC0001 Lemon Crusher 30 x 175mm Lemon Crusher Stick print area 6 x 55mm SG0002 Standard 25ml Shot Glass 45mm diameter x 45mm tall print area 45mm x 35mm SG0001 Standard 50ml Shot Glass 45mm diameter x 45mm tall print area 45mm x 35mm back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the clear productcollection Many standard shapes available. Single to full colour inserts available. It is clear to see why our magnets key fobs and coasters are so popular. These high quality cost effective promotional products are the perfect way to get your message across when you are on a restricted budget and remember if you have your own printed inserts we supply plain product to save you even more money. If you are looking for a size not listed give us a call we offer a full custom service with in house tooling to make any size or shape you might want. 10 35mm 42mm print area 30mm x 30mm KF0001 54mm 32mm print area 35mm x 25mm KF0002 42mm 65mm print area 45mm x 35mm KF0003 100mm 100mm print area 90mm x 90mm CC0001 53mm 92mm print area 70mm x 45mm KF0004 62mm 62mm print area 55mm x 55mm CM0001 78mm 53mm print area 70mm x 45mm CM0002 97mm 66mm print area 90mm x 60mm CM0003 55mm 33mm print area 35mm x 25mm KF0005 CLEAR KEYFOBS KF0001 42 x 35mm Acrylic Keyfob print area 30 x 30mm KF0002 54 x 32mm Acrylic Keyfob print area 35 x 25mm KF0003 65 x 42mm Acrylic Keyfob print area 45 x 35mm KF0004 92 x 53mm Acrylic Keyfob print area 70 x 45mm KF0005 55 x 33mm Hinged PP Keyfob print area 35 x 24mm CLEAR COASTERS CC0001 100 x 100mm Coaster a print area 90 x 90mm CLEAR MAGNETS CM0001 62 x 62mm Magnet print area 55 x 55mm CM0002 78 x 53mm Magnet print area 70 x 45mm CM0003 97 x 66mm Fridge Magnet print area 90 x 60mm back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the automotive collection Recycled keeps motorists AND the planet safe. If it is clearing a frosty window checking the wear on your tyres or slipping a puc under your bike stand rest assured Great Central Plastics can make a product personalised for you. If you cant see what you want just give us a call and see if we can make it The answer is usually YES 12 95mm 87mm print area 80mm x 70mm 118mm 92mm print area 100mm x 75mm 100mm 160mm IS0002 105mm 230mm IS0006 HEAVY DUTY SCRAPER WITH HANDLESCRAPER WITH HANDLE IS0004 TRI SMALL IS0003 TRIANGULAR LARGE 100mm 100mm print area 75mm x 75mm 120mm print area 105mm x 70mm 92mm 90mm 145mm print area 135mm x 80mm BS002 CIRCULAR BIKE STAND BS003 OVAL BIKE STAND BS001 BIKE SHAPED BIKE STAND 85mm 55mm print area 82mm x 50mm STANDARD ICE SCRAPERS IS0001 CREDIT CARD STANDARD BIKE STANDS print area 58mm x 85mm back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the office collection Everything can be made from recycled plastic Keep your name in the forefront and always on display with one of our many desk top related products. The simplest items are always the best and with paper clips desk tidies or rulers you will have a useful promotional gift that wont break the bank. We also make custom money boxes for you to save up if it does. 14 Standard Paperclips PC0001 45 x 20mm Paperclip print area 30 x 10mm PC0002 90 x 45mm Paperclip print area 55 x 30mm PC0003 145 x 90mm Paperclip print area 92 x 40mm PC0001 20mm 45mm print area 30mm x 10mm 45mm 90mm print area 55mm x 30mm 70mm 145mm print area 55mm x 55mm PC0003 PC0002 back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the bag tag collection Custom tags with single to full colour printing We have a variety of attachment options From Golf Clubs to suitcases school bags to briefcases Great Central Plastics make bag tags that are individual unique and personal. Next time you want to identify your baggage have a bag tag that makes your brand image stand out from the crowd. 16 50mm 65mm 80mm 130mm 90mm 90mm 75mm 100mm 90mm 100mm 95mm 100mm 100mm 88mm 100mm 120mm80mm 95mm BT0001 BT0004 BT0002 BT0003 BT0005 BT0006 BT0009BT0008 BT0007 Standard Tags BT0001 50 x 65mm Bag Tag BT0002 75 x 100mm Bag Tag BT0003 80 x 95mm Bag Tag BT0004 80 x 130mm Bag Tag BT0005 90 x 90mm Bag Tag BT0006 90 x 100mm Bag Tag BT0007 95 x 100mm Bag Tag BT0008 100 x 88mm Bag Tag BT0009 100 x 120mm Bag Tag back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the supporters collection Single to full colour print available. Fully customisable door plaques. Supporters are passionate about their teams so it makes sense to buy promotional items from a company that is equally as passionate about its products. All our promotional products are made with a passion for service quality and value for money so let us pass this passion to you with products you will be proud to bear your name. 18 back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the name plate collection Custom badges for the motor industry. Product badges for white goods etc. Great Central Plastics make nameplates that adorn a whole range of items including cars boats motor homes video and audio equipment to name but a few. Our skilled tool makers will carefully craft your logo into an exquisite nameplate to add that finishing touch to any product. They can be manufactured to internal or external specification depending upon the required usage. Send us your logo today and see what we can do for you. 20 back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the activity time collection Stencils are a cheap way of creating hours of fun. Custom cookie cutter. Any shape or colour. From inquisitive tots to bored adults Great Central Plastics have an activity item that will keep them amused for hours. More importantly all of our activity items are designed to carry your logo or brand image to get the maximum impact. Start having fun with your Promotional Mix. 22 back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the household collection Custom plastic bakeware. Oven safe to 180F. Handy bag sealer and measuring scoop combo. We can handle extra large products too. With our handy range of household and garden products you can still carry your advertising message home on a promotional product that is functional and useful. Bowls egg cups spoons pan scrapers are just a few of the handy items we can make to carry your name. 24 125mm 90mm print area 80mm x 60mm 145mm 105mm print area 100mm x 70mm 115mm 75mm print area 90mm x 55mm 140mm 30mm custom area 30mm dia 105mm 30mm custom area 30mm dia 135mm 98mm print area 95mm x 75mm 150mm 100mm print area 120mm x 75mm STANDARD BOWL SCRAPERS SPOONS back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the box collection All custom boxes available in recycled plastic. Great Central Plastics have a range of boxes in all shapes and sizes to suit most applications. From seven day pill dispensers to a fishing tackle boxs there is something for everyone and if you cannot find the box you are looking for tell us and we will make you one to order. 26LU002 Lunch Box 250 x 240mm Exterior Measurements print area 180 x 140mm 250mm 240mm print area 180mm x 140mm back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the fun and games collection Glow in the dark plastic is always an option. Reflective foils can make your product stand out. Yo-yos puzzle trays glow in the dark models. If you want a promotional gift that is fun unusual and custom made to suit your promotional message then look no further than Great Central Plastics. We have been bringing peoples ideas to life for over a decade why not let us add life to your next campaign 28 Yo Yos YO0002 55m Small Yo Yo print area 45mm YO0004 70mm Large Yo Yo print area 65mm Puzzles and Games PT0001 75 x 90mm Slide Puzzle Game print area 55 x 55mm PM0001 70 x 90mm Clear Maze with Printed Insert. Any colour and design you require 55mm print area 50mm diameter print area 55 x 55mm 75mm 90mm 70mm 70mm 70mm print area 65mm diameter. YO0002 PT0001 PM0001YO0004 back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web keyfob badge magnet collection Clear with full colour inserts. Any shape. Any colour. Fully customisable. Wear it hang it or stick it. If you have a message to get out let Great Central Plastics make a badge keyfob or fridge magnet to carry that message for you. Unlike most products on the market that are a standard shape with a bit of overprining we make individual custom shaped items that really depict your promotional message. If your campaign is individual and specific why not use a product that is exclusively individual to you. Be original be unique be custom made 30 back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web the custom industrial collection Fixing bracket for handrail system Construction Plain and satin plated fixing bracket for decking system. Construction Spindle brackets for stair case. Construction Jaw brace. Medical Chrome name plate. Automotive Although Great Central Plastics Limited are renowned as one of Europes leading manufacturers of custom made promotional gifts we are also vastly experienced in all aspects of the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulded customised components. We have a team of dedicated designers toolmakers and moulding technicians that have over 40 years experience in cost effective tool design and manufacture. Great Central Plastics is ISO 9001 quality assured and has the ability to provide a reliable quality conscious moulding and tooling service that can produce small runs or has the flexibility capacity and capability to produce millions of components should they be required. If you are looking for moulded components you will be hard pushed to find a company that gives better value for money service or commitment than Great Central Plastics. For more information on industrial mouldings and what we can do for your business please contact us today Telephone 44 01327 264277 Email Web 32 Chrome wheel centres. Automotive Impeller housing for water pump. Plumbing back to contents Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web standardfittings What colour do Perfect for school lunches picnics and days out... l Integral moulded handle lunch box l Tough Hygienic l Optional Drinks Bottle Available l Wide choice of standard colours l Available with your own branding l Quality U.K. design and manufacture for fast turnaround Great Central Plastics Limited 13 Great Central Way Woodford Halse Daventry Northamptonshire NN11 3PZ England. Tel 44 01327 264277 Fax 44 01327 264294 Email 34 you want yours ...and what good is lunch without a drink As passionate about making your promotion work as you are l Screw top Drinks Bottle l Available in various colour combinations l Fits in our new lunch box l Available with your own branding l Quality U.K. design and manufacture for fast turnaround BIRMINGHAM Daventry Coventry Woodford Halse Banbury Northampton Weedon Byfield M1 M69 M1 M1 M40 M40 M5 M6 M42 M42 M6 A45 A361 A5 A14 A43 from London and the South from London and the South East from East Anglia from the Midlands and the North East from Wales and the South West from Scotland and the North West 4a 3a 11 10 15a 16 18 192 21 8 4 back to contents